Ephedra ist eine Instrumental Heavy Stoner Rock / River Rock Band aus Zofingen Schweiz. www.ephedraband.ch is the Official Page.

„The Band takes us with the heaviness and the groove of bolt throwers drums, the sharp Flying V-based rhythm guitar and the chord based bass on a ride through different moods and colors of sound like “The Sinica Experience Part 2”. Over this clockwork- ticking and bulldozer rolling and Kyuss grooving sound thrones THE guitar like in the song “The forgotten one” Not just A guitar. She is the finisher, the sharpener of all edges, the grease between that massive grooving clockwork of a band.“ – martin ripsam metalegun 2016
„Die Riffs sind gewaltig, griffig und packen einem genau dort, wo sie es sollen, ganz tief drinnen nämlich, wo rationale Gedanken nichts verloren haben.“ – metalfactory.ch september 2013
„rockt präzise und gewaltig und ist für alle Stoner-Rock-Fetischisten die ideale Gelegenheit, wieder mal den Kopf positiv zu schütteln“ – regiolive march 2013


  • Open Air Graenichen - Now check this, some impressions from last years „open air graenichen“. Stoked that we could be part of it.
  • Ephedra – Mother Stone Live at Metbar - Ephedra Mother Stone Live @ Metbar 2018 Cheeers to everyone who came to the Show yesterday @ Gaswerk. It was a pleasure to play for you guys. Here’s our new Live Video for Mother Stone we wish you all a good weekend. Cheers Gepostet von Ephedra am Freitag, 20. April 2018 Hey guys, here’s a […]
  • 19.04.2018 – Live at Gaswerk Winterthur - We’ll be at gaswerk winterthur on 19.04.2018 for a gig with the great black rainbows (IT). They’ll bring the heavy psych stoner fuzz of the 70’s, we’ll bring the heavy stoner riffing to the stomping ground. Come together.

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