new shirts available right now

We got the new ephedra buton logo shirts. We got a small number of pieces for sale in blue color, black, red and white. Just write us a mail. It’s 20 sfr a piece or come to the next concert which will be in february. In the meantime we are busy writing new stuff.

Open Air Gränichen – Day after the storm

The day after the storm. Thank you gränichen and thanks to our support and friends, especially special drummer serge who jumped in temporary and on very short notice as well as our merch man micha. There will be pictures.

Next concert will be with burn pilot in zofingen’s oxil

barstool philosophy video clip

Howdy dudes. We’re in a video clip mood and recorded another one spontaneously just outside of our band room.
The song is „barstool philosophy“ from our new album „can‘-ka no rey“.

Barstool Philosophy
The magnificent, unique conversations you have and the wisdoms of life you are experiencing…at 2 in the morning while drinking at your favorite bar.