Ants in the pants

Well well well. We hope you could already grab a copy of our new album „Can‘-Ka No Rey“.
If not check the links below. It’s most likely available at your local online cd store of choice.
We’re working on our first video clip right now. Many thanks in advance to jonas and hugi from koenix for some crazy cool lighting and filming as well as carol müri photography,
boris from sedel and of course sam! The clip will be coming somewhere around may. So stay put.

The line up for the second edition of the „my pig whistles“ stoner festival at sedel luzern 05.05.2017 is coming together nicely.
Hey Satan will be playing along with us. Check them out here as well as the fuzz rockers of dog days from fribourg. Flyer will be out soon.

2000 Facebook likes

2000 likes WOW, we are speechless & close to tears… let’s shake our booties together.
“Make sure you watch the video until the end & your boss & children can’t watch your screen.”
Our new Album Can-‘Ka No Rey will be released worldwide next Monday January 30th.
Make sure to grab your copy. Cheers Ephedra

Can‘- Ka No Rey – Album Release

Heute in einer Woche könnt ihr das neue Album einlegen und wiedermal schön die Wolle schütteln. Es ist digital oder auf CD über unser Label Argonauta erhältlich.
Im CD Booklet gibts übrigens auch Hintergrundinfos zu jedem der Songs bzw. was uns dazu inspiriert hat. Kostprobe?

Bad Hair Day
The day after you’ve celebrated rock’n’roll. You wake up, not really sure where and why, having a look around, alone, going to the toilet, looking in the mirror, grining at yourself and there you see them: frizzy hair between your teeth. It can only get better, so we continue exactly where we left off and enjoy our bad hair day.

Doch es gibt noch mehr zu lesen. Checkt auch mal das Review von Doomed & Stoned hier und die neuen Kapitel zu Can‘-Ka No Rey im berüchtigten Ephedra Diary.

Album – Can‘-Ka No Rey:
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