Can‘- Ka No Rey – Album Release

Heute in einer Woche könnt ihr das neue Album einlegen und wiedermal schön die Wolle schütteln. Es ist digital oder auf CD über unser Label Argonauta erhältlich.
Im CD Booklet gibts übrigens auch Hintergrundinfos zu jedem der Songs bzw. was uns dazu inspiriert hat. Kostprobe?

Bad Hair Day
The day after you’ve celebrated rock’n’roll. You wake up, not really sure where and why, having a look around, alone, going to the toilet, looking in the mirror, grining at yourself and there you see them: frizzy hair between your teeth. It can only get better, so we continue exactly where we left off and enjoy our bad hair day.

Doch es gibt noch mehr zu lesen. Checkt auch mal das Review von Doomed & Stoned hier und die neuen Kapitel zu Can‘-Ka No Rey im berüchtigten Ephedra Diary.

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thanks „punk dinu“ (pics), and oxil crew for everything

Can‘-Ka No Rey

Während sich das neue Album auf den Weg in’s Presswerk macht releasen wir schonmal die Tracklist, das Cover Artwork und einen weiteren Song. Pre-Orders für’s neue Album sind hier möglich.

Vicious Circle
Bad Hair Day
Mother Stone
Cornfield Disaster
Monday Morning
Metamorphosis Calypso
Coco Mango Soup
Happy Threesome
Road Trip
Barstool Philosophy
Southern Love

Gigs Dezember

hexenhaus ulm
Hexenhaus, Fuzzgun das war eine irre Nacht!
Hier noch eine Übersicht über unsere letzten 3 Konzerte dieses Jahr:

03.12.2016 Ephedra, Grupa Krovi, Gorilla Deathtrap (Mössingen DE)
09.12.2016 Ephedra – Deezl’s Choice (Madeleine Luzern)
10.12.2016 Ephedra, Monsternaut (Oxil Zofingen)


Ephedra signs at Argonauta Records

Bald erscheint unser neues Album „Can‘-Ka No Rey“.
Wir freuen uns sehr verkünden zu dürfen dass Ephedra nun einen Plattenvertrag beim Label „Argonauta Records“ hat für den Release des neuen Albums!

ARGONAUTA Records welcomes Heavy Instrumental Stoner Rockers EPHEDRA from Switzerland in its roster!

The four Heavy Rockers from Zofingen (CH), have their musical roots all over the place, reaching from Stoner Rock, Metal, Hardcore Punk to Death Metal. If you hear the band’s music for the first time, you’ll notice the different influences moving along between dreamy Space melodies & the Sound of a Tractor refueled with Kerosene! For a final result already described as a perfect blend of KARMA TO BURN meet DOZER.

The band says: “We are stoked & excited to be Part of the Argonauta Records family. This is a huge landmark in the history of EPHEDRA & will hopefully spread the band’s name all over the place.”

Founded in 2012 by Bass player Kilian & Drummer Tomi to have a fun project that should go in the direction of Kyuss, Karma to Burn & Monster Magnet, they went through some lineup changes in their early days before completing their current lineup with the 2 guitarist Andy & Roman in 2013.

Being asked to support the Midnight Ghost Train, this show changed the Band’s spirit forever. They knew now that they wanted to play as many shows as possible. Over the past 2 years they played in Germany, Poland, Austria & Switzerland. Shared stages with bands such as Electric Wizard, Truckfighters, Yawning Man, Monkey 3, 1000 Mods, Karma To Burn, Sasquatch, Elder, Greenleaf, The Midnight Ghost Train, Goatess & Pentagram.

Ephedra went back into the Studio at the Foolpark Studios, Luzern, to record their second Album “Can’- Ka No Rey”, which is named after a place in Stephen King’s Fantasy Saga “The Dark Tower”, and will be released on CD/DD by ARGONAUTA Records by January 30th 2017.

Ephedra are:
Guitar: Andy Brunner
Guitar: Roman Hüsler
Bass: Kilian Tellenbach
Drums: Tomi Roth