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My Pig Whistles

It was great to be back on stage last friday with Toundra @ Gaswerk. A big thank you to everyone who joined the show.
In the meantime we released a b-sides album of „can‘-ka no rey“ you can check it out on spotify or bandcamp
Also a big thank you to Martin Ripsam for the cool review on HeavyStoned

Next Show „My Pig Whistles„: Friday 15.03. @ Sedel with Giobia & MR.BISON See you there.


New concerts upcoming in 2019

Hi folks, we are planning new concerts and stuff in 2019. Instrumental goodness is around the corner. We’re playing in gaswerk winterthur together with spanish „toundra“. Check out their video
Looking very much forward to this. Ticket presales are available on starticket here.

Ephedra – Mother Stone Live at Metbar

Ephedra Mother Stone Live @ Metbar 2018

Cheeers to everyone who came to the Show yesterday @ Gaswerk. It was a pleasure to play for you guys. Here’s our new Live Video for Mother Stone we wish you all a good weekend. Cheers

Gepostet von Ephedra am Freitag, 20. April 2018

Hey guys, here’s a new live video from the gig at „metbar“ of the song „mother stone“, which is on the new album. Kudos to andy brunner, our man for the digital content and hugi from the band koenix for the awesome dmx light show.