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Official Site of the swiss stoner rock / river rock band ephedra. Founded 2012

Ephedra (est. 2012) is a rock band based in zofingen switzerland. The sound incorporates dreamy space melodies but also the rumble of a hydrophobic tractor filled up with kerosine.
This an much more makes the unique sound of ephedra - river rock.


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Can-Ka No Rey

2017 - Can-Ka No Rey

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Roman Hüsler


Kile Tellenbach

Bass Guitar

Tomi Roth




Coco Mango Soup

Can-Ka No Rey

Barstool Philosophy

Can-Ka No Rey

Valley Of The Shepherd

Valley Of The Shepherd

Upcoming Release 2022

"Valley of the Shepherd" - featuring Mirjam Skal (Orchestration)

The story of a shepherd and his shepherd dog, who is tending his flock of sheep in the "valley of the shepherd", when one day the idyllic peace is disturbed and something unexpected and uncontrollable happens. The story is told in typical Ephedra manner - instrumental. This album is accompanied by an orchestration of Mirjam Skal. The Album Artwork is a drawing of our friend Valentin Steinmann (Biodelic Art Tattoo) - a well known tattoo artist from switzerland. Album Recording was done in beginning of 2022 at Hicktown Records. Now we are working on the release.

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