Official Site of the swiss stoner rock / river rock band ephedra. Founded 2012
EphedraEphedra, the quartet from around zofingen switzerland, brings a mix of dreamy space melodies and the sound of a hydrophobic tractor fueled by kerosine. This and much more defines the unique sound of ephedra. Shortly „river rock“

Band history
The band was founded under the name of „Balls of steel“ in 2012 by Kilian Tellenbach (Bass), Thomas Roth(Drums) and Christoph Lachat (Gitarre).
As it evolved to more than a „fun project“, Christoph Lachat left the band because the lack of time and was replaced by Andy Brunner. In the beginning of 2013, guitarist Roman joined the band and the sound gained more deepness. In 2013 the first album „ephedra“ was released. Over the next couple of years the band played shows in Germany, Poland, Austria & Switzerland. Shared stages with Bands such as Electric Wizard, Truckfighters, Yawning Man, Monkey 3, 1000 Mods, Karma To Burn, Sasquatch, Elder, Greenleaf, The Midnight Ghost Train, Goatess & Pentagram.
The Band signed at „Argonauta records“ in 2016 and went back into the studio (Foolpark Studios Luzern) to record their second album „Can’- Ka No Rey“, which is named after a place in Steven Kings fantasy saga „The Dark Tower“.

Ephedra is a plant that suits many purposes. In the indian mythology a drink was made of it called „soma“. It is said that this drink has an adrenalizing and aphrodizing impact (particularly to women). And with that, the band members can identify themselves entirely.


  • Kilian Tellenbach – Bass
  • Andy Brunner – Guitar
  • Roman Hüsler – Guitar
  • Tomi Roth– Drums

Official Logo / Promo Picture